Go Girl Half Marathon 

Today I ran my first half marathon it was great my husband had the kids at the finish I cried like a baby! I’m still crying when I think about it. 

 Honestly I almost pulled out a hundered times the excuses in my head were – I’m too slow- I have no one to run with – I am a little under the weather- I can’t run this far- what if they close before I finish.. All these negative thoughts! But I powered through I shut those thouts out and reminded myself I am a RUNNER! I got this! And I am not a quitter! I’m so glad I didnt let all that negativity win and I’m so glad I pushed through its all worth it! My kids and husband were so proud of me they were beaming!! Heck I’m proud of myself! I write a message on my hand that said YES YOU CAN DO THIS! And as I stepped out of the car this morning my sweet husband said use Dory’s saying by from Nemo- just keep swimming(running in my case) 

I carried a good pace of 13:30-40  until mile 8 then I slowed to 14:00 at mile 12 I started cramping so bad I had to stop for a few then walk until I was almost to the finish where I ran my heart out. So my very slow mile and half pushed me to 14:44 mi /finish time 3:13, I’m ok with it I feel great about it!! 

Go Girl Run-  I’m extremely impressed with the go girl production they put on an amazing run! Water stations every couple miles and at the finish people were cheering as I ran across. It was great!! I truly appreciate that! 

Training-  I  I didn’t train the way I wanted to! I’m looking for my next half and I plan on making some time to train. The furthest I had ran before this was 9 miles. I think that’s why I had a great 8 then went down hill! 

Treadmill vs outside running. For me, I trained mostly on the treadmill some outside but most of my running was done inside and I must say I run faster on the treadmill but it feels longer. I also think I could have trained solely on the treadmill and ran this run just as well!  



Thank you- 

Sending thanks to: My husband he’s so supportive and had loving / My kids who are also supportive and loving / A friend Christal P. Motivates me with all her runs and encourages me on mine! / Marla C  also encouraging and motivating me! And the advice Marla gave me was priceless thank you!  Thank you!! Thank you! Last but not least- my mother n law Linda for the phone call yesterday thanks for the advise!!  Thank you to all the go girl runners who stayed and cheered when I crossed the finish line!!