13.1 Training

I feel like my training is going great so far.
I was out sick all week last week so I missed all my training runs.

I haven’t posted since the 1/11 so my recap for that week is
1/11 – 12.11mi (treadmill) avg pace 13:25
1/18 – 9.50mi outside/treadmill avg pace 13:45

I’ve been doing most of my training in the treadmill mostly because it’s convenient I usually run in the evening, after running
outside last week I’ve decided that I’m going to start making an effort to run my long run outside the treadmill gets boring and I need the road training.

New SHOES.. I picked up some new Saucony’s guides, not my first choice but they are ok.
I was broken hearted when I couldn’t find one pair of my favorite kinvara4’s they upgraded to kinvara 5’s I might get them next time.

I’m less confident this week than I was before running outside this week, because it totally sucked and I was about 40 seconds a mile slower.

In the next few weeks I’m going to up my treadmill runs to incline to at least 2 push and myself out of my comfort zone in the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted on my training and progress.


2014 Wrap Up & 2015 Goals


2014 fitness overview
Weight lost- 65 pounds.
Ran – 370 mi. I had a two tibia stress fractures I sat out to let heal for 2 months.
I also did tons of squats and ate less junk..
I did carb cycling to help with the weight loss. It worked well for me.
Carb Cycling- 2 days meat & veggies only / 1 day normal (yogurt/sandwich/fruit) / 2 days meat and veggies / 1 day high carb (cheat day) / 1 day meat only. ** meat can be substituted for meatless protein option.

2015- Goals

• Pray more.
• Spend more quality time with my family.
• Continue with my fitness journey.
• Run my first half marathon.
• Run 500 miles.
• Complete (6) 30 day challenges.
• Update Blog once a week.

*** Hopefully we potty train Sophia***

Thanks for reading.

Suzy C.