Vega Sport, Fuel Your better


I am a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I was sent this product to try and review. Opinions posted here are mine and 100% honest.

I was super excited when Sweat Pink partnered up with Vega Sport for this Fuel Your Better Campaign, and even more excited when I was picked to participate in this campaign. We were given and option of what we wanted to try they had several different types of fuel to choose from, I chose the Pre-Workout Energizer.

I received a box of Lemon-Lime flavored packets and honestly, I was a little sad about the Lemon Lime flavor, honestly I am not a big fan of lemon lime.

The Powder is completely plant based. The flavor was ok, like I said before lemon lime is not my choice of flavor. You mix it into 8 ounces of cold water and drink 20 min before your workout. See the photo below it was a little hard to mix completely.




I tried it and I LOVED the way that Vega Sport’s Pre-Energizer Workout made me feel during my run, I felt good the entire run never hit the wall; this drink gave me the perfect boost that lasted my entire run. I recommend it especially if you need a little extra boost! I do plan to purchase the Acai Berry flavor on my own.


Visit Vega Sport’s website to learn different ways you can Fuel Your Better.



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