2014 Wrap Up & 2015 Goals


2014 fitness overview
Weight lost- 65 pounds.
Ran – 370 mi. I had a two tibia stress fractures I sat out to let heal for 2 months.
I also did tons of squats and ate less junk..
I did carb cycling to help with the weight loss. It worked well for me.
Carb Cycling- 2 days meat & veggies only / 1 day normal (yogurt/sandwich/fruit) / 2 days meat and veggies / 1 day high carb (cheat day) / 1 day meat only. ** meat can be substituted for meatless protein option.

2015- Goals

• Pray more.
• Spend more quality time with my family.
• Continue with my fitness journey.
• Run my first half marathon.
• Run 500 miles.
• Complete (6) 30 day challenges.
• Update Blog once a week.

*** Hopefully we potty train Sophia***

Thanks for reading.

Suzy C.

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