13.1 training & Christmas

Christmas was really good full of family time and great food!

It has been really hard to stay focused and on track during Christmas. I have been really busy and haven’t felt that great, I had a head cold for about a week. Even with the craziness I still managed to squeeze in a few runs, not quite the full mileage my training called for, but this week I’m getting back on track.

I decided to change over to an app called 13.1 to train with. Mostly because I prefer to be able to set my own long run days and unlike Nike+ this app allows me to do so. Though, I am still using the Nike+ app to log my mileage.

It’s time for me to stop with the excuses and move on with training. Right now I’m very slow but after I get my distance down, I’ll start working on speed. (Feedback encouraged)

My week
12/14 – 10.5 miles avg pace 13:25
12/21 – 7.25 miles avg pace 13:20 (sick wk)
I’m feeling good about where I’m at right now.

I will do a year end wrap up on my next post. Also, I’m hoping to lose 2 more pounds so I have a total loss of 66 for 2014!


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