I have been so busy/lazy lately. I managed not to run for an entire week.  I had Sophia by myself this evening since the husband has softball, so I only ran one mile, and it felt so good!

 Sophia is a good 3 year old, it’s just that she’s a tornado. The house was picked up when I hopped on the treadmill. And when I finished.. Well, you can see in the photograph below. ♥️ 

2016 GoGirl Half Marathon 

The Oklahoma City Go Girl half marathon; I had a great 6 miles.. Then I got a horrible pain in my calf I had to sit for a few minutes, after massaging my calf for a bit I got back up and jog/walked the last 7 miles and honestly it was horrible I wanted to quit so bad, but I finished! I feel like I need to run another half to prove to myself I can!! The Monday after the run I went to the Dr to have it checked out. And the Dr said I had Calf Strain, caused by not stretching and warming up the right way. The following week I rested and took it easy, then eased in with a mile and a lot of stretching. I’m a lot better I just need to stretch, stretch, stretch. I haven’t run more than 3 miles since this half almost a month ago. I need to sign up for a run and then I’ll have some motivation!  


Go Girl Half Marathon 

Today I ran my first half marathon it was great my husband had the kids at the finish I cried like a baby! I’m still crying when I think about it. 

 Honestly I almost pulled out a hundered times the excuses in my head were – I’m too slow- I have no one to run with – I am a little under the weather- I can’t run this far- what if they close before I finish.. All these negative thoughts! But I powered through I shut those thouts out and reminded myself I am a RUNNER! I got this! And I am not a quitter! I’m so glad I didnt let all that negativity win and I’m so glad I pushed through its all worth it! My kids and husband were so proud of me they were beaming!! Heck I’m proud of myself! I write a message on my hand that said YES YOU CAN DO THIS! And as I stepped out of the car this morning my sweet husband said use Dory’s saying by from Nemo- just keep swimming(running in my case) 

I carried a good pace of 13:30-40  until mile 8 then I slowed to 14:00 at mile 12 I started cramping so bad I had to stop for a few then walk until I was almost to the finish where I ran my heart out. So my very slow mile and half pushed me to 14:44 mi /finish time 3:13, I’m ok with it I feel great about it!! 

Go Girl Run-  I’m extremely impressed with the go girl production they put on an amazing run! Water stations every couple miles and at the finish people were cheering as I ran across. It was great!! I truly appreciate that! 

Training-  I  I didn’t train the way I wanted to! I’m looking for my next half and I plan on making some time to train. The furthest I had ran before this was 9 miles. I think that’s why I had a great 8 then went down hill! 

Treadmill vs outside running. For me, I trained mostly on the treadmill some outside but most of my running was done inside and I must say I run faster on the treadmill but it feels longer. I also think I could have trained solely on the treadmill and ran this run just as well!  



Thank you- 

Sending thanks to: My husband he’s so supportive and had loving / My kids who are also supportive and loving / A friend Christal P. Motivates me with all her runs and encourages me on mine! / Marla C  also encouraging and motivating me! And the advice Marla gave me was priceless thank you!  Thank you!! Thank you! Last but not least- my mother n law Linda for the phone call yesterday thanks for the advise!!  Thank you to all the go girl runners who stayed and cheered when I crossed the finish line!! 

13.1 Training

I feel like my training is going great so far.
I was out sick all week last week so I missed all my training runs.

I haven’t posted since the 1/11 so my recap for that week is
1/11 – 12.11mi (treadmill) avg pace 13:25
1/18 – 9.50mi outside/treadmill avg pace 13:45

I’ve been doing most of my training in the treadmill mostly because it’s convenient I usually run in the evening, after running
outside last week I’ve decided that I’m going to start making an effort to run my long run outside the treadmill gets boring and I need the road training.

New SHOES.. I picked up some new Saucony’s guides, not my first choice but they are ok.
I was broken hearted when I couldn’t find one pair of my favorite kinvara4’s they upgraded to kinvara 5’s I might get them next time.

I’m less confident this week than I was before running outside this week, because it totally sucked and I was about 40 seconds a mile slower.

In the next few weeks I’m going to up my treadmill runs to incline to at least 2 push and myself out of my comfort zone in the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted on my training and progress.


2014 Wrap Up & 2015 Goals


2014 fitness overview
Weight lost- 65 pounds.
Ran – 370 mi. I had a two tibia stress fractures I sat out to let heal for 2 months.
I also did tons of squats and ate less junk..
I did carb cycling to help with the weight loss. It worked well for me.
Carb Cycling- 2 days meat & veggies only / 1 day normal (yogurt/sandwich/fruit) / 2 days meat and veggies / 1 day high carb (cheat day) / 1 day meat only. ** meat can be substituted for meatless protein option.

2015- Goals

• Pray more.
• Spend more quality time with my family.
• Continue with my fitness journey.
• Run my first half marathon.
• Run 500 miles.
• Complete (6) 30 day challenges.
• Update Blog once a week.

*** Hopefully we potty train Sophia***

Thanks for reading.

Suzy C.

13.1 training & Christmas

Christmas was really good full of family time and great food!

It has been really hard to stay focused and on track during Christmas. I have been really busy and haven’t felt that great, I had a head cold for about a week. Even with the craziness I still managed to squeeze in a few runs, not quite the full mileage my training called for, but this week I’m getting back on track.

I decided to change over to an app called 13.1 to train with. Mostly because I prefer to be able to set my own long run days and unlike Nike+ this app allows me to do so. Though, I am still using the Nike+ app to log my mileage.

It’s time for me to stop with the excuses and move on with training. Right now I’m very slow but after I get my distance down, I’ll start working on speed. (Feedback encouraged)

My week
12/14 – 10.5 miles avg pace 13:25
12/21 – 7.25 miles avg pace 13:20 (sick wk)
I’m feeling good about where I’m at right now.

I will do a year end wrap up on my next post. Also, I’m hoping to lose 2 more pounds so I have a total loss of 66 for 2014!