2016 Turkey Trot 

My lovely daughter Sarah wanted to do the Turkey Trot, honestly I haven’t ran in the Turkey Trot before but we had so much fun I think we will make a tradition! Sarah is here visiting for Thanksgiving she’s stationed in Virginia and she is a little over 28 weeks pregnant and super cute!!

I haven’t really been training – only running a couple days a week, I’ve been in a rut lately it’s time I snap out of it. We walked this one. But I’m determined to to run my 3rd half marathon in March and I’m wanting to run in in under 13min mile. I’m super slow so this will take some dedication to my training. I’ll post progresswhen I start the training…. Ok back to the Turkey Trot-

Up early on this Thanksgiving morning, and it’s cold a whopping 40 degrees outside perfect weather for a run or Wog (walking jog) and that’s what we did, we (Sarah, Josh, Stevie, and myself) got up at 5:45 this morning got ready and headed out first stop coffee and gas then to the Edmond for the Turkey Trot. We met my mother n law by the packet pickup area. Picked up packets gave hugs ran the packet’s to the car did a live video wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving and started our Trot. Now she’s home in Virginia and I’m here missing her. Photos below.

Sarah is wearing my RunJunkees fleece hat that has a hole in it for your ponytail. 

Turkey Run 

My almost 30 week pregnant daughter is coming to visit for thanksgiving from Virginia!! She signed us up to slog in a 5K on Thanksgiving morning! Everyone should sign up, then you can eat all the food guilt free. ❤️♥️ happy running. On a side note I’m going to start training for another Half Marathon soon! 

I’ll post all the training details here. Stay tuned. 


I have been so busy/lazy lately. I managed not to run for an entire week.  I had Sophia by myself this evening since the husband has softball, so I only ran one mile, and it felt so good!

 Sophia is a good 3 year old, it’s just that she’s a tornado. The house was picked up when I hopped on the treadmill. And when I finished.. Well, you can see in the photograph below. ♥️ 

2016 GoGirl Half Marathon 

The Oklahoma City Go Girl half marathon; I had a great 6 miles.. Then I got a horrible pain in my calf I had to sit for a few minutes, after massaging my calf for a bit I got back up and jog/walked the last 7 miles and honestly it was horrible I wanted to quit so bad, but I finished! I feel like I need to run another half to prove to myself I can!! The Monday after the run I went to the Dr to have it checked out. And the Dr said I had Calf Strain, caused by not stretching and warming up the right way. The following week I rested and took it easy, then eased in with a mile and a lot of stretching. I’m a lot better I just need to stretch, stretch, stretch. I haven’t run more than 3 miles since this half almost a month ago. I need to sign up for a run and then I’ll have some motivation!